films in paris, like a taj on the moon

Moontajska is a film production company based in Paris. Founded by Krishna Bagadiya, an Indian-born Director, Actor & Stand-up Comedian, we strive to make films with cinematic images for telling real stories. Our videos are funny, touching and informative, tailored to the needs of the project.

“Growing up in India, the West seemed like the moon to me. Many years and many countries later, I now feel ready to create while being true to my roots.”

Trained at the world-renowned Polish Film School, Krishna collaborates with award-winning international cinematographers to create high quality visuals. He works with a team of writers to develop high concept scripts to tackle real issues. Every aspects of film-making is given the highest attention to detail, from believable acting to special effects, from original music to sound design.

Bringing a distinct Indian touch to contemporary stories.