Krishna Bagadiya, Director-Producer

Krishna Bagadiya is trained as a Director at the Polish Film School. He has lived, studied and made films in India, USA, France and Poland. He is also a trained actor and stand-up comedian. He has been making short fictions, documentaries, animations and ads for 20 years. Some of his shorts were shown at the Short film corner in Cannes. His documentary was produced by Indian National Television.

Joanna Bagadiya, Marketing-Production

Joanna Bagadiya did her higher studies in Poland and in France. She has collaborated on a film on Yoga for the Eyes which was successfully crowd funded in Paris and is being distributed by her website : www.visionaturalis.com

Aneesha Vaidya, Creative Producer

Aneesha has worked a Writer & Creative Producer in the Mumbai film industry on Web & TV series, Ad's, Digital Media and Brand-Content. She is best known for her work on the popular series 'Girl In The City' for Disney India with Still & Still Media Collective. She now lives in Paris and continues to strive for good content.

Yohan Levy, Prodution-Marketing

Yohan Levy graduated from the prestigious HEC Business School. He met Krishna as a student in his film making class. Yohan then studied in UCLA and now is pursuing an acting career. He has worked on the production of Moontajska's latest web Series Crazy Grammar.

Jinendra Mudhale, Web Development

Jinendra Mudhale is a web developer based in Kolhapur, India. His company has made 100's of websites for clients in India and around the world. With Krishna Jinendra has produced Visionaturalis website.